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URBAN DESIGN-Nueva Pompeya, Buenos Aires


Semester long collaborative urban design project looking at a post-industrial site along the Riachuelo river in the southern Buenos Aires neighborhood of Nueva Pompeya. 

Partner: Amy Cann


The main goals of the project included: Green avenue connection, bridge as a focal point for piazza space, piazza as a cultural hub for the community featuring a tango museum, riverfront park, variety of green/open spaces, pedestrian-only avenues, and a pedestrian bridge to the green space on southern shore. Programs used were AutoCAD, and Adobe Photoshop. 


I was responsible for all work except for three collage perspectives which were completed by partner.  I had the rare opportunity of actually visiting this site and the surrounding area during a short course study abroad trip at the midterm point of the project.

Along with redeveloping the masterplan for the neighborhood we were tasked with developing a block of residences in more detail. There are three different units shown; a two bedroom multi-story unit, a three bedroom multi-story unit, and a set of apartments on either end of the block. 

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