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For Fun

Projects shown below were completed as fun projects and/or as gifts for others.

METAL SIGN DESIGN Design for powder-coated steel sign for Parents Creekhouse.


WOOD MAP DESIGN AND FABRICATION Laser cut baltic birch with blue plexi backing complete with custom made cedar frame for father.


NEW BABY GIFT Acrylics on 14"x20" Canvas

BABY SHOWER GIFT Acrylics on 14"x20" Canvas

GRADUATION GIFT Acrylics on (3) 6"x6" Canvas

FULL-SIZED QUILT Wedding gift for my best friend

RETIREMENT GIFT Acrylics on Building Remnants as a Retirement Gift for my Uncle. School he spent his entire career at was demolished.

Dresser Before

Close-Up of Tile Top

Refinished and Resurfaced Dresser

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