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Cycling Annex-

Sustainable Bicycle Transit Center

Delaware Valley Green Building Council’s Sustainable Design Competition 2010

Partner: Amy Cann


The Cycle Annex revitalizes an existing indoor seating area of the station by incorporating it into the cafe portion of the program. The southern-facing space that connects to the main concourse of travel and restaurants is under-utilized. Through the addition of a suspended gallery displaying bicycles it develops a relationship to the proposed building sited directly beyond the wall of windows. The space also becomes directly connected to the many modes of transportation that travel through the site.


This bicycle hub responds to existing circulation patterns and utilizes them to develop an active connection to 30th Street Station. It acts as an urban edge condition through form and materiality that allows users to circulate and access facilities efficiently in a consistent sequence.


Simple and efficient geometric forms inspired by the bicycle allow for green spaces, ventilation, and sun shading. The rigid metal ribs provide storage for bicycles, shading from the southern sun, and act as a trellis.


My contribution to the project was building a 3D model in AutoCAD and rendering of the building in its proposed location.  I also was responsible for all 2D plan drawings and building diagrams.  Programs used were AutoCAD, 3Ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign. 

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