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Casablanca: the Resort

- Masterplan

Project was to develop a masterplan for a land or resort focusing on development of 3 attractions, 3 food options, and 2 merchandise locations.


This resort serves as part of Universal Studios Orlando’s resort offerings with 700 rooms themed to the iconic 1942 film Casablanca.  It is designed to feel like a bustling mini-city with 8 hotel blocks themed to appear as several city buildings.  On the first floor of the hotel blocks the resort amenities occur.  Resort amenities include 1 formal dining option, 2 quick serve, and 1 bar/lounge, as well as a spa, fitness center, cinema and game room, pool, and lighthouse observation tower.  Shopping consists of a grab and go convenience store, hat/universal studios store, and a souk with several shops.

Project Process & Research
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